Alluto LLC

Alluto LLC is a joint venture between LG Electronics and Luxoft (a DXC company), established in Sep 2020 in USA with the focus to bring webOS Auto to the market.

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I.P. Park

Dr. I.P. Park

President and CTO of LG Electronics

Dmitry Loschinin

Dmitry Loschinin

EVP of DXC Technology and
President and CEO of Luxoft

The Automotive Joint Venture

LG Electronics, a global innovator in technology and consumer goods,, and Luxoft, a global leader in the digital transformation of the mobility industry are proud to join efforts in Alluto and bring webOS Auto to the market together.

Alluto is led by passionate mobility pioneers who were behind some of the car industry’s most revolutionary product developments and have transformed the digital cockpit experience from pixel to silicon.

With Alluto, car makers can now tap into the vibrant webOS ecosystem from edge to cloud and have a new, powerful alternative to innovate and differentiate future mobility experiences.

we are

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Adam Woolway

Adam Woolway

Chief Executive Officers

Adam has been a driving force in electrifying the mobility industry in Europe. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Adam envisions changes that is needed, which he proven at Plug-Surfing as CEO and co-founder. At Alluto, being the chief executive Adam is leading the efforts to make webOS Auto the independent alternative.

Joel (Jooyoung) Kim

Joel (Jooyoung) Kim

Chief Strategy Officer

Joel has more than 10 years’ proven track record of Technology Strategy, Corporate Development, and Product Management. He was leading the acquisition of webOS for LGE in 2013 and been a driving force for establishing Alluto. His deep understanding of technology covers a wide range of SW platform, Connected Car, AI, and SoC.

Prior to LGE, Joel worked as a SW engineer in Korea. At Alluto, Joel drives the overall strategy forward along with developing new business and partnerships.

Alexander Diebald​

Alexander Diebald

Vice President, Business Development

Alex has a track-record of developing mobility business and creating value-driven partnerships beyond expectations. At Voi, introducing and driving MaaS strategy; working with Ridecell and Google. At Pelagicore, executing and delivering on the silicon-to-pixel strategy leading to the acquisition by Luxoft.

Currently. Alex is leading the new global mobility joint venture's business development activities.

David Almström

David Almström

Vice President Business Development

David is product guru & a business development wizard that has recently helped Voi to get the product development in place building up teams and processes, as VP Product.

David has also led product teams at Spotify, Telenor and Mozilla/FireFox. David spent 15 years developing new business for Ericsson, Trolltech and Nokia. At Alluto, David develops the Asian markets.

Jae Kim

Jae Kim

Finance Manager

Jae is a motivated bilingual accountant with an engineering background, and has an aptitude for innovation, efficiency, and creative problem-solving. Strong technical and methodical aptitude with innate ability to analyze, coordinate and synthesize data

Coming from LGE, Jae will ensure that Alluto meets and manages the financial requirements.

Jungmin Lee

Jungmin Lee

Marketing Manager

Jungmin is an innovation and marketing specialists focused on bringing new technology to the market. Coming from LGE Strategy Center, she has led innovation projects. Prior to LGE, Jungmin co-ordinated Panasonic's battery production start-up at Tesla's Giga-factory

At Alluto, Jungmin will drive the marketing projects in close collaboration with LG.

Minji Kim

Minji Kim

Program Manager

Minji has a solid track record from LGE as webOS program manager and has driven more than 40 projects and products to completion She has also worked as embedded software engineer and architect..

At Alluto, Minji will lead customer projects and aligned LGE's webOS teams to customer requirements.

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As Alluto is recenlty formed, we are interested in talents that's wants to be part of team that will create, shape and expand a new ecosystem for automotive.