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webOS Auto is based on the successful webOS platform that powers LG Electronics world-class TVs with a very rich content and service ecosystem. webOS Auto has been developed to support OEMs to build great user experiences and maintain control of data and hardware. With the possibility to be white-labeled, webOS Auto gives back control to OEMs.

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webOS Auto

webOS Auto 2.0, released in Dec 2020, offers the following features:

  • Support for multiple displays including CID and co-driver display
  • Android Auto, LG ThinQ and Apple CarPlay support
  • Customizable App Store
  • Content-streaming browser-based module
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The webOS Auto Toolbox is a versatile toolbox to leverage SW components from webOS Auto from LG Electronics. These SW components can be combined with other components or with off-board services to create a customized package for OEMs. A few examples:

  • Browser-based delivery of content services
  • In-car App Store
  • Security Package

webOS Auto Platform is a full-featured IVI platform with:

  • Audio/Video/Navigation
  • Multi-display with user profiles
  • Secure Connectivity 

webOS Auto is the complete platform with support for reference hardware, apps. services and middleware and a reference UX to build and operate a digital cockpit and in-vehicle infotainment system.

Basically, all you need

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The webOS Auto Partner Ecosystem

The importance of a strong, vibrant ecosystem is crucial for the success of any software platform. webOS Auto leverages webOS’ already powerful ecosystem and will continue to grow with relevant partners. Partners like Qt, Unity and Cerence provides state-of-the art UX tools; Qualcomm bring great hardware; Microsoft the necessary cloud integration and YouTube represents services that can be delivered by webOS Auto.


Qt Company

The Qt Company provides the Qt framework with Qt Embedded, QML and all the developer tools and support. Qt has been installed in millions of devices and applications around the world.



Qualcomm’s strong heritage in mobile innovations is driving a unique product roadmap that supports accelerated innovation and comprehensive system integration for automotive applications.

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Unity brings the power of immersive, interactive experiences across every stage of the product lifecycle using their real-time 3D development platform to webOS Auto, simplifying development and enhamncing the user experience.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa Auto

Amazon Alexa Auto is the automobile version of the AI platform Alexa. It offers specialized services for automotive infotainment solutions.

The partnership between Amazon Alexa & webOS Auto offers new, voice-controlled in-car experience for drivers and passengers. 



Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform (MCVP)’s cloud service is a key component to enhance webOS Auto and provide additional value for OEMs and greater user experience.



HERE Technologies, a global leader in the map data and mapping-related service field, possesses location service and HD mapping technology. HERE Technologies has applied HNoD (Here Navigation on Demand) to webOS Auto.


Cerence Drive delivers the industry’s most intuitive automotive voice assistants. The robust, automotive-grade solutions define in-car experiences for leading automakers around the world, enabling safe, intuitive and effective interaction with their cars and their drivers’ broader digital worlds.



Mapbox offers map, navigation and location related services based on its location data platform and concentrates on developing an automotive navigation service.

Mapbox and LGE cooperate to provide the new driving experiences.

iHeart Radio

iHeart Radio

iHeartRadio offers audio-based contents such as broadcast and podcast on mobile devices, TV and various devices based on its streaming radio platform. iHeartRadio has applied the radio broadcast service to webOS Auto.



TomTom is the leading independent location technology specialist, shaping mobility with highly accurate maps, navigation software, real-time traffic information and services. TomTom’s location technology and LGE’s infotainment platform, webOS Auto, will bring a variety of location-aware convenience features into a vehicle.